Executive Director Nancy Pearlman

Ms. Pearlman is an award-winning broadcaster, journalist, environmentalist, college instructor, anthropologist, editor, producer, on-air personality, and outdoorswoman who has made safeguarding the earth’s ecosystems both a vocation and an avocation. For fifty-two years, she has given her time and energy to the environmental cause. She was selected by the United Nations Environment Programme as a Global 500 Laureate and has received many other honors.

Nancy Pearlman was elected to the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees in 2001 and served for four terms until 2017 and now is a Trustee Emeritus. While in her elected position she led the efforts to make all building and operations sustainable and ensure high academic standards.

Since the 1970s when Ms. Pearlman coordinated the first Earth Day in Southern California, she has worked with and continues to be involved with hundreds of conservation organizations, serving as administrator, founder, member of advisory councils, participant, and member of boards of directors. She founded the Ecology Center of Southern California in 1972, Project Ecotourism in 1993, Earth Cultures in 2004, Humanity and the Planet in 2001, and “Nancy Pearlman, the Eco-Traveler”s in 2007.

ENVIRONMENTAL DIRECTIONS, her international weekly radio series, was started in 1977 and is now the longest-running environmental radio series in the country on broadcast, Internet and YouTube. These half-hour interview programs feature leading scientists, authors, activists, and representatives from the business, academic, government, and nonprofit sectors. She has intervied over ten thousand experts for over 3,000 radio shows.

As Executive Producer and Host of the three-time EMMY-nominated environmental television series ECONEWS, Ms. Pearlman covers every ecological issue. Since 1984, she has presented her programs weekly to more than 20 million homes via cable and broadcast television and over the Internet. More than 600 shows air on local origination, public access, governmental, school, and university channels, as well as on satellite to PBS stations.

Television specials that have won awards include “Gem in the Heart of the City” (the definitive piece on the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area), “Wind: Energy for 90’s and Beyond,,” “Population Crisis USA,” and "Tarangarie National Park, Tanzaina." Television show honors include ACE-nominations (Award for Cable Excellence), Hometown USA Video Festival, and Diamond Awards. Nancy’s public service announcements have won numerous Buccaneer Awards from the Public Interest Radio and Television Educational Society.

As Executive Director to Educational Communications, Ms. Pearlman has edited for 50 years the bi-monthly Compendium Newsletter. She is also president of a media consulting firm which creates audio-visual materials. She has taught Cultural and Physical Anthropology, Broadcasting, Journalism, and Mass Communications at the college and adult level, and has also taught Social Studies at the secondary level. She serves on the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards of many environmental and humanitarian organizations.

Nancy Pearlman is a member of the Gypsy Folk Ensemble, performing and teaching ethnic world dance. Her athletic achievements include completing the Western States 100-mile run, finishing the Ironman Triathlon, climbing more than 150 listed peaks in California, winning long-distance races such as the 1980 Regional Championship 50-mile race becoming No.5 in the world in the 50 miler, and performing in equestrian events.

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